Free Online Programs on the Presidency Begin January 18th

The Presidential Primary Sources Project, January - March 2022, on a blue flag with red stripes made of pencils

The National Archives and Presidential Libraries, Internet2 community, National Park Service, and cultural and historic organizations nationwide are proud to offer a new lineup for the 2022 Presidential Primary Sources Project (PPSP), a series of free, standards-aligned, 45-minute interactive videoconferencing webinars aimed at students in grades 4-12.

The series will run from January through March of 2022. In addition to the interactive video component, each program will be live-streamed and recorded for on-demand viewing for free.

Students will learn how to use and analyze primary sources to better understand the historical legacies of our nation’s presidents.

Get a sneak peek of what to expect with this short clip from last year’s program by the FDR Presidential Library & Museum’s Jeff Urbin:


View the 2022 PPSP Program Schedule

*All programs are live at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. ET on their scheduled day and applicable to students in grades 4-12.

  • January 18: The War of 1812, Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage
  • January 20: “The Johnson Treatment”: LBJ’s 1964 Campaign, LBJ Presidential Library
  • January 25: Roosevelt and the World Today: Issues Then and Now, Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum
  • January 27: Lights, Camera, Action: 75 Years of The State of the Union on Television, Nixon Presidential Library, Clinton Presidential Library & Truman Presidential Library
  • February 1: Understanding Conflicting Primary Sources: When Hoover Met Hitler, Hoover Presidential Library and Museum
  • February 3: Primary Source Detectives: Learning About President Ford and the 1970s Energy Crisis through Primary Sources, Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation
  • February 8: President Grant and Civil Rights, Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site
  • February 10: Lincoln’s Evolving Legacy in Washington, D.C.: Places as Primary Sources, Ford’s Theatre & the National Mall and Memorial Parks
  • February 15: President Kennedy and the Bill of Rights, The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza
  • February 17: Civic Literacy: Article II and The Presidency, Carter Presidential Library
  • February 22: America’s Presidents Through Portraiture, Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery
  • February 24: I Like IKE: Election Icon, Eisenhower Foundation
  • March 1: 1986 Immigration Reform, Reagan Presidential Library
  • March 3: Memorializing Young Abraham Lincoln, Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial
  • March 8: Theodore Roosevelt’s “First Family, Theodore Roosevelt Center at DSU
  • March 10: How RBG Came to Be: The Process of Appointing a Supreme Court Justice, Clinton Presidential Library
  • March 15: The Constitution and Presidential Powers, The National Archives
  • March 17: 7th Street Challenge: Lincoln’s Commute, President Lincoln’s Cottage
  • March 22: Rosalynn Carter: Partner-in-Chief, Jimmy Carter National Historical Park
  • March 24: Who Started the Cold War?, Truman Presidential Library
  • March 29: Becoming Eleanor Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum
  • March 31: Young Teedie, Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site
  • April 5: The Role of the First Lady, First Ladies National Historic Site

Visit the project website for more information and to sign up!

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