About Education Updates

We started this blog to share resources for teachers and learners. We’ll tell you about new teaching tools, lesson plans, learning activities, student field trips, professional development opportunities, newly available primary sources, and multi-media and web content.

The National Archives holds all kinds of permanently valuable documents–written documents, images, maps, audio, video, charts, and more–from all three branches of our government. As educators at the National Archives in Washington, DC, around the country, and in Presidential Libraries, we will share how we use these documents in teaching activities. And we hope to hear how you’ve used primary sources as teaching and learning tools too!

You can subscribe to receive updates via email or using the RSS feed. Please join our conversation by leaving your comments on the blog or by emailing us at education@nara.gov. We invite you to join us on Facebook as well!

2 Responses to About Education Updates

  1. Aliene Bingham-Laws says:

    I am interested in PD on the topic of Autism for teens. I will appreciate any information you can help with. Thanks Aliene Laws


    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Aliene – Our professional development offerings usually cover a particular historical topic or our resources for teaching with primary sources. You can see what we’re offering at any given time at a particular location (and online) on our professional development page.


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