Elementary Age At-Home Learning Activities

We’ve created activities and ideas for teaching elementary age children. These resources focus on skills like sequencing and finding clues in historical objects, and topics like symbols and national monuments.


Genealogy Activities

Family treeLooking for fun ways to engage kids in finding family history? We have downloadable family trees and charts for kids of all ages.

Plus, find instructions for making a “food family tree” based on family members’ favorite foods!

From Seeds to Harvest


Throughout history, people have grown gardens at home and at school to provide food. Students will look at historical images of gardening and decide what order they belong in, showing how a garden grows, and thinking about the kind of garden they would like to have.

Find full teaching instructions here.

Democracy and Symbols of Citizenship

Statue of Liberty

How are people united by the principles of democracy and symbols of citizenship? This activity asks students to identify symbols of our country, government, and democracy. Then they can create their own symbol representing good citizenship.

Find full teaching instructions here.

Was Laura Goodale an Early American Historian?


Needlework was an important part of a young woman’s education in early America. Many women used their sewing needles to express themselves both artistically and intellectually. They also used needlework samplers to record information. Today, samplers serve as important historical documents that can teach us about the past.

Find full teaching instructions here.

Investigating a Women’s Suffrage Photograph

Woman holding a flag that reads "Mr. President How Long Must Women Wait for Liberty"Students can learn to analyze historical photographs using this photograph of suffragist Alison Turnbull Hopkins from 1917.

Print out our “Analyze a Photo” worksheet for kids (PDF) to walk through the process, or share this online activity. Then ask your student to create their own banner or picket sign using 10 words or less to show support for a cause of their choosing.

Find full teaching instructions here.

Finding American Symbols

Eagle inside the Great Seal

How do symbols connect with important American ideas? In this activity, students will investigate symbols in the design for the Great Seal of the United States. Afterward, they will examine a one dollar bill to find the Great Seal.

Find full teaching instructions here.


More Activities on DocsTeach…

Find even more online teaching activities on DocsTeach, our interactive website where students can investigate historical documents and photographs to make sense of the past.

Additional topics for elementary students include:

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