Teaching with Hispanic/Latinx Resources

Today’s post comes from National Archives volunteer Emma Taylor. She is reporting on a recent webinar about teaching with Hispanic-Latinx primary sources that was presented by volunteer Dr. Victoria-Maria MacDonald and education staff at the National Archives.

To celebrate the upcoming birthdays of César Chávez on March 27th and Dolores Huerta on April 10th, we’re sharing documents related to the Hispanic-Latinx experience.

Workers picketing, holding signs
Strike in Chicago, 1973. The United Farm Workers organized boycotts of lettuce, grapes, and wine grown in California by growers who signed contracts with the Teamsters. Records of the Environmental Protection Agency

We recently hosted a webinar for educators on teaching with Hispanic-Latinx primary sources from the National Archives.

The first resource we shared is a webpage dedicated to improving access to records related to Hispanic/Latinx heritage. This page gives an overview of records relating to a variety of topics, including education and civil rights, immigration, labor, and notable Hispanics in the United States.

DocsTeach, the online tool for teaching with documents, also includes document analysis tools, teaching activities, and primary sources for teaching about this history.

Activities include:

Pair the following documents, photographs, and video footage with one of our textual, photograph, or video analysis worksheets:

You can find even more primary sources related to Hispanic/Latinx rights on DocsTeach. Learn more about our professional development webinars for educators at www.archives.gov/education/distance-learning/professional-development.html.

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