Communication in History: Resources for NHD 2021

Hundreds of primary sources and teaching activities are available on the new DocsTeach National History Day page devoted to the 2021 NHD theme: Communication in History: The Key to Understanding.

DocsTeach is the online tool for teaching with documents from the National Archives. The NHD page is one of several Popular Topics pages.

You can use this special DocsTeach page to help your students prepare for this year’s National History Day contest. Choose teaching activities to get them thinking about communication in history. And share primary sources for possible NHD topics.


Primary Sources for Possible Communication Topics

Teaching Activities

Access online teaching activities related to Communication in History:

  • propaganda
  • child labor photographs
  • women’s suffrage petitions
  • FDR’s Infamy Speech
  • communication through art
  • war photography
  • letters about civil rights
  • war orders
  • a secret decoded telegram

Find these and other topics on the DocsTeach NHD page!

Access even more resources for National History Day from the National Archives at


Images, from top to bottom:

Demonstration for Immigrant Rights, 4/11/2006; Records of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Petition for Universal Suffrage, 1/29/1866; Records of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Nurses in the South Pacific Receive Their First Batch of Home Mail, 11/29/1943; Records of the Office of the Chief Signal Officer.

Patent Drawing for Samuel Morse’s Telegraph, 4/11/1846; Records of the Patent and Trademark Office.

Women Working at a Bell System Telephone Switchboard, 12/22/1943; Records of the Women’s Bureau.

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