Teaching Resources for Black History Month

At the National Archives we have primary sources and educational activities for teaching about African American history during Black History Month or any time of the year.

You can access hundreds of photographs, letters, legislation, Constitutional amendments, videos, and more related to African American history on DocsTeach, our online tool for teaching with documents.

Find topics such as:

If you’re looking for primary sources for another topic, visit our document search page and type in your keyword. You can narrow down your results by historical era or document type.

For example, a variety of documents from school segregation court cases available on DocsTeach illustrate how the “separate but equal” doctrine was eroded over time:

We also have several teaching activities ready to use in the classroom or online with your students on DocsTeach.

In Examining Where Rosa Parks Sat, students examine a diagram of the bus from this famous incident. Ms. Parks’s name has been blacked out using our White Out/Black Out tool.

Activity showing diagram where Rosa Parks sat

In the activity U.S. v. Amistad: A Case of Jurisdiction, students explore this famous court case in which the Supreme Court stated that the Africans aboard the Amistad were free individuals, illegally kidnapped and transported, and were never slaves.

Document from the Amistad court case

You can find many more teaching activities related to Civil Rights, voting rights, slavery, segregation, and much more on DocsTeach.

Our special Rights in America page also includes a variety of primary sources and teaching activities exploring the ways Americans, including African Americans and others, have fought for, attained, and protected their rights.

Rights in America, overlaid on top of image of people waiting in line to vote
Rights in America on DocsTeach

In addition to our education resources, you can find a variety of articles, blog posts, videos, recorded programs, and upcoming events on our African American History Month Resources page on archives.gov.

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