Hispanic-Latinx Historical Records at the National Archives

You can find primary sources documenting the Hispanic-Latinx experience and government relations throughout U.S. history on National Archives websites.

There are over 250 examples of historical documents, images, posters, artwork, and more available on DocsTeach, the online tool for teaching with documents from the National Archives.

People at a demonstration with signs
Demonstration to Support Immigrant Rights in Houston, Texas, on April 11th, 2006.
Available on DocsTeach.

Access primary sources related to Hispanic-Latinx rights on our DocsTeach Rights in America page.

We have hundreds of primary sources on a variety topics; just a few examples are:

Poster reading: Americanos Todos Luchemos Por La Victoria: Americans All Let's Fight For Victory!
World War II poster created by artist Leon Helguera. Access this image on DocsTeach and learn more about this poster on our Text Message blog.

On our Hispanic / Latino Heritage page at www.archives.gov/research/hispanic, find primary sources broken out by topics such as:

  • Arts, Entertainment & Culture
  • Diplomacy/Foreign Affairs
  • Education and Civil Rights
  • Government and Politics
  • Immigration / Hispanic Society in the US
  • Labor
  • and more

Read about Hispanic heritage and Latin America on our Text Message blog and posts about Texas Mexican American Soldiers in WWI on this blog.

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and recognize achievements and contributions of Hispanic Americans at www.archives.gov/news/topics/hispanic-heritage-month.

Find recursos para docentes en Español at www.archives.gov/espanol/recursos-para-docentes.

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