Thanks, Teachers! Great finds!

During Teacher Appreciation Week, we give thanks to teachers around the world for all their hard work educating and guiding students!

Primarily Teaching DC 2014 Participants
Primarily Teaching at the National Archives Museum in Washington, DC

We’d like to give a special thanks to the teachers who digitized some really cool documents from the holdings of the National Archives as part of our Primarily Teaching Summer Institute.

Female Drill Operator
Female Drill Operator at Watertown Arsenal,
1918. From the Records of the Office of the Chief of Ordnance. National Archives Identifier: 7450283. This document was digitized by teachers in our Primarily Teaching 2013 Summer Workshop in Boston.

For the last two summers, educators researching at our locations around the country — including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, and Washington, DC — have found hundreds of written documents, maps, photographs, and more that make great teaching tools.

Teachers in Chicago
Primarily Teaching in Chicago

Our “digitization scholars,” as we call them, focus on documents that can be used in the classroom to demonstrate a particular historical concept or event, and ones that won’t be too difficult or overwhelming for students.

We’re looking forward to seeing new finds from this summer’s class of Primarily Teaching teachers as they research topics like: NASA, the WWI Homefront, the Effects of Lewis and Clark on Modern Native America, Chinese Immigration, and topics from the Herbert Hoover Library.


Thanks also to the National Archives Foundation, with the support of Texas Instruments, by whom Primarily Teaching is in part made possible.

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