Congratulations NHD Winners!

A heartfelt congratulations to students who participated in National History Day this year!

We’re very pleased to extend a special congratulations to those students who worked with us and researched at a National Archives facility, and earned spots as finalists—and winners—at the National Contest in College Park, MD, this month!

  • Sarah Puchner and Christopher Puchner, of Millbrook, AL, placed third in Junior Group Exhibit with their entry: “Eminent Domain: The Expansion of Government Responsibility and the Erosion of Private Property Rights.” They researched at the National Archives at Atlanta. Sarah and Christopher attend Outlook Academy and studied with teacher Laura Puchner.
NHD Student Researching and with Project
Mary Kate researching at the National Archives at Chicago, and in front of her project at the Smithsonian Museum of American History with NHD’s sponsor, Kenneth Behring.
  • Mary Kate Baughman, of Palatine, IL, placed first in Junior Individual Exhibit with her entry: “The Living Dead: The Radium Dial Painters of Ottawa, Illinois and Their Impact on Workplace Safety.” She researched at the National Archives at Chicago. Mary Kate attends Immanuel Lutheran School and studied with teacher Dave Saunders.
  • Allie Tubbs, of Johnston, IA, placed first in Junior Individual Performance with her entry: “Lou Hoover’s ‘Tempest In A Teapot’: Changing African American Rights and First Lady’s Responsibilities.” She researched at the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library. Allie is a student at Summit Middle School and studied with teacher Colleen Ites.
  • Erin Lowe, of Kansas City, MO, placed second in Junior Individual Performance with her entry: “Where Are Our Rights?: The Repatriation of Mexican American Citizens During the Great Depression.” She researched and attended NHD clinics at the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library. Erin attends Pembroke Hill School and studied with teacher Dan O’Connell. In addition to placing second in her category, she also won the Latino-American history prize sponsored by the National Park Service!
  • Hannah Scott of Odessa, MO, placed third in Senior Individual Exhibit with her entry: “Women of Steel: The Rights and Responsibilities of America’s Arsenal for Production.” She researched and attended NHD clinics at the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library. Hannah attends Odessa High School and studied with teacher Paula Hawk.
  • Rachel Priebe of Riverside, CA, Senior Individual Documentary finalist with her entry “Waters in the Wilderness: The Right to Utilize or the Responsibility to Protect?,” researched at the National Archives at San Francisco. She attends Martin Luther King High School and studied with teacher Ned Hocking.
  • Carmen Li, Kevin Liu, and Kevin YangSenior Group Website finalists with their entry “Confronting Bombingham,” worked with us at the National Archives at Philadelphia. They attend Masterman High School and studied with teacher Elana Solomon.

The following students researched at the National Archives in Washington, DC, and moved on from the DC competition, held at the National Archives Museum, to Nationals:

  • Zola Bzdek, Junior Individual Documentary, “Watergate: The Rights and Responsibilities of the Press”
  • Daniel NugentJunior Individual Documentary, “The Rights and Responsibility of the Removal Act of 1830”
  • Eli Moraru and Jacob WeitznerJunior Group Documentary, “The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire: How Horror Brought Rights to Laborers” (Outstanding Entry for DC)
  • Connor Yu and Andre TamJunior Group Documentary, “Rights and Responsibilities: How Japanese Americans responded to their internment during World War II”
  • Sarah Carleton, Junior Individual Exhibit, “Forced Sterilization in the Early Twentieth Century”
  • Meredith Ellison, Junior Individual Exhibit, “Women’s Fight for Equal Rights: Title IX”
  • Peter Dart and Owen Hanson, Junior Group Exhibit, “The Barbary Pirates: U.S. Responsibility to Protect Maritime Trade”
  • Alex Harris and Joshua EmanuelJunior Group Exhibit, “Child Labor: The Crusaders against the Exploitation of Children”
  • Ashley HarrisJunior Paper, “The Meat Inspection Act”
  • Dylan Hurst, Junior Individual Website, “African Americans’ Right to Vote: A Long Journey”
  • Joseph Edwards and Zachary Greene, Junior Group Website, “The Rise of the Environmental Justice Movement”
  • Chaya BettsSenior Individual Exhibit, “Henrietta Lacks”
  • Ja/Quon Blandin, Emmanuel Ojomo, Marquell Campbell, and Julien SimmsSenior Group Exhibit, “Miranda v. Arizona
  • Jason Umana, Miguel Portillo, and Leideen EscobarSenior Group Exhibit, “The Atomic Bomb”
  • Tyrone Powell, Senior Individual Website, “The Greensboro Sit-Ins”
  • Jennifer Ventura, Milan Jones, and Mesgana Dagnachew, Senior Group Website, “The Nuremberg Trials”

The following students researched at the National Archives at Atlanta, and moved on from the state competition to Nationals:

  • Andrew YountJunior Individual Exhibit, “Forty Year Death Watch in Tuskegee: Right to Know, Responsibility to Tell”
  • Susie DorminyJunior Individual Performance, “The TVA: Rights and Responsibilities in the New Deal”
  • Kimora AndersonJunior Individual Website, “Heart of Atlanta Motel v. The United States: Challenging the Civil Rights Act”
  • Anthony Dukes, Senior Individual Performance, “Rights of the Displaced-Responsibility of the TVA”
  • Anna Weekly and Devin SnyderSenior Group Performance, “Mary Breckenridge and the Frontier Nursing Service: How the Cry of One Woman Changed the World”
  • Thomas DorminySenior Individual Exhibit, “Rights and Responsibilities: Ensuring Justice at Nuremberg”
  • Will HoppingSenior Individual Website, “‘I Won’t Be Contrary’: TVA, Chickamauga, and the Dispossessed”

We look forward to working with even more students during next year’s NHD contest!

Our National History Day help page includes: information about how to research at a National Archives facility, online tools and databases, and upcoming workshops and webinars!

Check our Facebook page for inspiration from the Archives—each Thursday we post a document that connects to the upcoming “Leadership and Legacy in History” theme.

We made every effort to include all students we knew of who researched at the National Archives and made it to the National Content. If you know of other students who did, please acknowledge them in the comments section!

National History Day in Washington, DC, is administered by the National Archives with support from the Foundation for the National Archives and its sponsor Capital One.

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  1. I would love to learn more about involving my students in this learning adventure! I teach at Yadkin Valley Regional Career Academy in Lexington, North Carolina.

  2. Hi Elizabeth,

    You can find lots of great information about involving your students in the National History Day contest on their website: and specifically

    Information about NHD in North Carolina and the contact information for the NC state coordinator is available on and on the North Carolina History Day page:


  3. Congrats to all the winners! I’m so impressed with the students. And thank you Stephanie for the links above, I will definitely be using them with my students next year!

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