Resources for Teaching about Industrialization & Immigration

We have a variety of primary sources and online teaching activities available to compliment your Industrialization and Immigration curriculum unit.

You can find primary sources related to Industrialization and Immigration on DocsTeach, our online tool for teaching with documents.

There are over 200 examples of patent records throughout US history available, documenting inventions that changed the world.

For example: What does this do?

patent drawing for patent No. 12,037

You and your students can find out in a DocsTeach activity that explores this patent using the “White Out/Black Out” tool.

Teacher Instructions can be found here. Here is the direct link to the student activity.

We also have hundreds of primary sources on a variety of Immigration topics, like:

Immigrants Outside a Building on Ellis Island, ca. 1900.
Available on DocsTeach.

In this DocsTeach activity, students read and match documents to individuals based on why they immigrated to America.

Teacher Instructions can be found here. 

Here is the direct link to the student activity.

Snapshot of activity with thumbnails of images

You can find several more primary source-based online activities that students can actively engage with to learn about Industrialization and Immigration on DocsTeach.

World map
Map of Quota Areas Set by the Immigration Act of 1924 from the activity The Impact of the Immigration Act of 1924

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