Today’s Document Citizen Archivist Takeover

Citizen Archivist Takeover

Do you follow Today’s Document for daily featured documents from today in history from the holdings of the U.S. National Archives?

National Canning Day on Today’s Document

Well, we love finding gems to feature for you! Have you (or your students) ever wanted to be the one digging through our primary sources? Here’s your chance!

To celebrate American Archives month, we’re hosting a takeover of our Today’s Document accounts for the whole month of October.

Participating is easy! Simply click our search link to browse documents, or choose one of your favorite October documents. (Check out video instructions for searching for documents on the Today’s Document Facebook page.)

Once you’ve found a document you think would make a great feature, enter it through our submission form.

We encourage student participation as well — so get your classroom, after school club, or extra credit-earning students on board! We hope you, and they, love it as much as we do!

Take a behind the scenes look at “Today’s Document

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