It’s Almost Constitution Day!

September 17 is designated as Constitution Day to commemorate the signing of the U.S. Constitution in Philadelphia on September 17, 1787. The National Archives in Washington, DC, is the permanent home of the original U.S. Constitution.

Here are a few resources for teaching and commemorating Constitution Day – or teaching about the Constitution any day!


The Constitution on DocsTeach

Bring the Constitution to Life

Help your students understand ideas like checks and balances, separation of powers, amendments, the Bill of Rights, slavery and the Constitution, and more through primary sources and online activities on our special Constitution page on

Students can connect primary sources that span the course of American history to the principles found in the Constitution. For example, in “The Constitution at Work” they will match historical documents to specific wording in the Constitution to understand how our government’s actions are guided by this document.


New Distance Learning Programs

Students in a distance learning program

Our brand new distance learning programs (all free of charge) can help students differentiate and understand the importance and relevance of each of our founding documents: The Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights.


New Civic Education Webpage

Photographs of students

Check out this new resource with links to all of our civic education offerings:

To encourage civic literacy and engagement, we provide teachers with programming, curricula, and exceptional field trip experiences at facilities all across the country, including in Washington, DC, and at the Presidential Libraries.




Constitution Day at the National Archives

Student in the RotundaAnyone can visit the Constitution in person at the National Archives. And online visitors can learn about the creation and history of the Constitution.

Join us for public programs and family activities around the country to commemorate Constitution Day, September 17th!

Programs include:

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