Equal Pay for Women

The struggle for women’s rights and equality have been the basis for much legislation through the years. Some have passed the House and Senate, while others have failed. Issues of improving working conditions, entry into occupations formerly held by men, and equal pay for equal work have been addressed by this effort, among many others.

Although tremendous strides have been made in all areas, women’s wages in 2013 still stood at about 79 cents on every dollar when compared to wages for men.  Just a few records from the National Archives and the White House provide a glimpse of this still-continuing process.

Telegram from Ben Woodward to Carl ShipleyNovember 9, 1943 07646_2007_001
Telegram from Ben Woodward to Carl Shipley November 9, 1943 07646_2007_001

The Equal Pay task force report to the President of June 2013 gives a good review of the background of this continuing struggle since 1963, when the Equal Pay act was passed.

Many significant materials can be found in DocsTeach documents and the National Archives Online Catalog that illustrate this ongoing struggle.

Among them are just a few of the materials available:

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