Congratulations NHD Winners!

To those students who were involved in National History Day this year, a job well done!

We are especially delighted to send our warmest congratulations to students who attended workshops or researched at our National Archives or Presidential Library locations and took their projects all the way to the national contest in College Park, MD, last month. We commend those students who worked with us at:

The National Archives at Atlanta:

  • Makena Massie, Haleigh Massie, and Isabella Rogers, of McDonough, GA, placed fifth in Junior Group Performance with their entry: “Pink Cadillacs, Diamond Bumble Bees & the Golden Rule: The Leadership and Legacy of Mary Kay Ash.”  They attend Impact Academy and studied with teacher Kelley Theodocion.
  • William Mason and Jackson Brown, Junior Group Documentary, “The Waters of Warm Springs: Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Less Commonly Known Legacy”
  • Darin Momayezi and Damon Lin, Junior Group Documentary, “Iranian Democracy: Mohammad Mossadeq”
  • Susie Dorminy, Junior Individual Performance, Frederick Law Olmsted: Designing for Democracy
  • Pate Williams, Walt Stewart, Pierce Skinner, and Robert Reese, Junior Group Performance, “Jackie Robinson: American Legend”
  • Jissela Flores, Giovanni Alfred, Rohan Kalvakaalva, and Jamal Faqeeri, Junior Group Exhibit, “Osama bin Laden: Legacy of Fear”
  • Nathan Wright, Senior Individual Documentary, “The Great Uncompromiser: The Leadership and Legacy of Lucius D. Clay”
  • Anthony Dukes, Senior Group Performance, “Leadership and Legacy of H.L. Hunley”
  • Thomas Dorminy, Senior Group Performance, “Leadership and Legacy of Wernher von Braun”

The National Archives at New York City:

  • Scott Leff of New York, NY, placed 13th in Senior Paper with his entry: “Bringing Ballet to the United States: The Story of George Balanchine.”  He attends Friends Seminary and studied with teacher Kristen Fairey.
  • Lily Seltz, “Your Words Are Your Monuments: Frederick Douglass’ Leadership and Legacy in Writing”

The Harry S. Truman Library and Museum:

  • Jay Mehta of Kansas City, MO, placed first in Junior Individual Performance with his entry: “Victory at All Costs: The Leadership and Legacy of Winston Churchill.”  He attends Pembroke High School and studied with teacher Dan O’Connell.
  • Hannah Scott of Odessa, MO, placed ninth in Senior Individual Exhibit with her entry: “The Conscience of Kansas City: Lucile Bluford and Her Unparalleled Leadership in the Call for Change.”  She attends Odessa High School and studied with teacher Paula Hawk.
  • Grace Cogan of Weston, MO, placed fifth in Junior Individual Performance with her entry: “Paving the Moral Path – Frances Perkins’ Leadership informing a Legacy for Worker’s Rights.”  She studied with teacher Lenora Medcalf.
  • Lauren Brookins, Junior Individual Web Site, “Susan B. Anthony: Women Work, Women Vote”
  • Anna Praiswater, Junior Paper, “J. Robert Oppenheimer: The Ethical Side of Science”
  • Miles Allain, Senior Individual Performance, “Walt Disney: The Pursuit of a Dream”
  • Michaela Scarrow, Senior Individual Documentary, “Hans Berger and the Electroencephalograph: Playing with the Mind”

The Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum:

  • Allison Bushong, Junior Individual Documentary, “History and Cultural Significance of Seasame Street”

The William J. Clinton Library and Museum:

  • Noah Smith of Russellville, AR, placed 14th in Junior Individual Documentary with his entry: “Van Cliburn: Cross-Cultural Leadership Through Music.”  He attends Russellville Junior High and studied with teacher Aimee Mimms.
  • Jordan Isenbart, and Raegan Couch, of Springdale, AR, placed 12th in Junior Group Exhibit with their entry: “Madam C.J. Walker and Her Hair Raising Legacy.”  They attend Central Junior High School and studied with teachers Thomas Pittman, Sara Ayres, and Darren Vaughn.
  • Nicole Ursin
  • Bekki Chastain
  • Anna Eggburn
  • Ainsley Anderson
  • Samuel Lu
  • Aaron Tran
  • Anna Freyaldenhoven
  • Sydney Mulhearn
  • Claire Gillaspy
  • Vera Lambert
  • Mary Nail
  • Kennedy Reynolds
  • Connor Lichtenwalter
  • Noah Akey
  • Tia Sisemore
  • Sydni Walsworth
  • Benjamin Redmon
  • Vicente Guerro
  • Mattison Griffin

The Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum:

  • Cale Bowe and Brady Frank, “Herbert Hoover’s Leadership in the 1927 Flood: Building a Humanitarian Legacy”
  • We would also like to recognize Clara Sumin Yoon who placed third in the History Day Korea contest.

The National Archives in Washington, DC:

The majority of the 58 DC students who advanced to the national competition attended a workshop or help session this year!

  • Caroline Katzive of Washington, DC, placed first in Junior Paper with her entry: “Margaret Sanger.”  She attends Alice Deal Middle School and studied with teacher Yvette Simpson.

Congratulations to all! We look forward to working with students for the coming year’s NHD contest! Our National History Day resource page includes: information about researching at a National Archives facility, online tools and databases, and details on upcoming workshops and webinars.

We made every effort to include all students who researched at the National Archives and made it to the National Contest. If you know of other students who did so, please acknowledge them in the comments section!

National History Day activities at the National Archives are made possible in part by the National Archives Foundation through the support of the William Randolph Hearst Foundation.

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  1. It’s inspiring to see all this excellent work from students and mentors and, of course, NARA staff.

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