A Transcription Challenge

A tool in our new online catalog allows you to transcribe any of the millions of digitized primary sources in our holdings. This week in particular, we’ve set a goal to collectively transcribe 1,000 pages.Transcription Challenge promotional image


Transcription is just one part of our Citizen Archivist Dashboard — where we provide opportunities for the public to participate in projects that add value to our holdings and work at the National Archives. And citizen archivists can be any age, so students are welcome to participate!

Learn more about our Transcription Challenge and check out some of our Transcription Missions to get started:

And if you have that favorite document from the National Archives that you always share with students, but wish it was a little easier to read, this is the tool to make that happen!

  1. Create a username and password in the National Archives Catalog.
  2. Login from any transcription page or on the login page.
  3. Start a Transcription Mission, check out More Records, or create your own mission by doing a keyword search for your favorite topics.
  4. Select the “View/Add Contributions” button located below all images in the catalog.
  5. Select the “Transcribe” tab for the page of the record you would like to transcribe.
  6. Select the “Edit” button and remember to save your work frequently.

Check out this example transcription page — Harriet Tubman Davis’s widow’s pension file.

We’d love to hear what transcriptions you tackle!

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