September 9th NHD Kick-off Webinar with National History Day and the White House Historical Association

Today’s post comes from Elizabeth Dinschel, education specialist at the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum.

All National History Day projects have one thing in common—the theme!  This year it’s “Leadership and Legacy.”  The theme is a great place to start formulating a plan for how an NHD project will come together.

Please join us September 9th at 6 PM EST.  Register here. This free webinar is designed with students, teachers, and parents in mind.

First Lady Betty Ford
First Lady Betty Ford Expressing Her Support for the Equal Rights Amendment in 1975—an idea for “Leadership and Legacy”! Find more inspiration around this year’s theme on Facebook with the tag #TeachNHD. (From the White House Photographic Office Collection (Ford Administration).)

Debra Wall, Deputy Archivist of the United States, will lead off.  NHD Programs Manager Lynne O’Hara will introduce participants to the new NHD webpage and this year’s theme.  Carol Buswell from the National Archives in Seattle will explain how to use the online catalog, teacher resources, and student resources from the National Archives—and discuss primary sources that relate to the theme. Dean Smith, an NHD teacher, will discuss how to get an NHD program started and how National History Day can be incorporated into the curriculum.

The White House Historical Association will discuss resources they offer related to the theme.  State of Iowa NHD Coordinator Katie Craven will explain how state coordinators can help new teachers and what to expect from the NHD process from classroom to DC.  Seven-time NHD participant, Andrew Boge, will describe the competition from his point of view as a student.

Webinar Flyer
Download the Flyer (PDF)

Submit your questions via the chat box during the webinar or on Twitter using the hashtag #TeachNHD. Follow @NationalHistory and #TeachNHD for highlights.

Save the dates for other upcoming NHD online programs and find more NHD resources from the National Archives on our National History Day pages.



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