Digitization and Civil Rights at Primarily Teaching in Chicago

Our Primarily Teaching summer institute wrapped up in Chicago less than two weeks ago. The educators in attendance became digitization scholars as they hunted for “teachable” primary sources in holdings of the National Archives at Chicago. Teachers Attending Primarily Teaching in Chicago, 2014

The teachers identified and described over 30 documents related to the topic “Chicago: Journey for Civil Rights in the Midwest.” Mostly from the 1960s and 70s, these documents come from the Records of District Courts of the United States.

Chicago is one of four Primarily Teaching locations this summer. All of the workshops fit within the national theme of “Leadership and Legacy in History,” matching that of National History Day in 2015. Educators at each location are exploring a specific case study, with original documents in our archival holdings, that fits within this broader theme.

We scanned and loaded the finds from Chicago onto our DocsTeach site so that they can be used in interactive online activities for students. You can find them all on DocsTeach!

Teachers doing research at Primarily Teaching in Chicago, 2014

Primarily Teaching is made possible in part by the Foundation for the National Archives, through the support of Texas Instruments.

3 thoughts on “Digitization and Civil Rights at Primarily Teaching in Chicago

  1. Great way to make the learning happen !

    Are their any studies or ways wherein the archives can be effectively used in higher education, say business management?

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