Assigning Student Activities with the DocsTeach App for iPad: Classroom Codes

Earlier this month we released a new version of our DocsTeach App for iPad, including support for iOS7 and iPad Mini!

You can use the app to share primary source-based learning activities from with your students to access on their iPads. Choose activities from our ever-expanding collection, or design your own assignments. All you have to do is create a classroom on and share the auto-generated code with your students.

Just follow these steps:

1) Log in to on your computer. (DocsTeach is a Flash-based site, so you won’t be able to do this on your own iPad.) Find activities that you want your students to complete. Bookmark each by clicking on the star; this saves them in your account. Star

Or create new activities yourself using our activity-creation tools. To learn more about registering for a free account or creating activities on DocsTeach, watch our video tutorials.

2) Whether you found or made the activities, click on “Account” and place them in a “classroom.” Assign to ClassroomWatch our classrooms tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

3) Each classroom you create will have its own classroom code. To get your code (when logged in to DocsTeach on your computer), click on the name of the classroom with the activities you want to share. Once in that classroom, you will see text at the top that includes your classroom’s unique sharing URL and a six-digit alphanumeric code for the DocsTeach iPad App.Classroom URL and Code

4) Direct your students to open the DocsTeach app on their iPads and type in your classroom code. They will see the activities that you put into your classroom and can do them on their iPads!DocsTeach App Home Screen

Have you created classrooms for assignments, group work, or assessments? We’d love to know what works with your students! and the DocsTeach App for iPad are made possible in part by the Foundation for the National Archives.

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