The DocsTeach App for iPad

DocsTeach app iconThe DocsTeach App extends learning activities from the DocsTeach website to your students’ iPads.

Using the app, they can choose a topic, such as “Civics & Government” or “Postwar U.S. 1945–early 1970s,” and challenge themselves with a DocsTeach activity, interacting with stories, events, and ideas of the past. The activities are all based on primary source documents from the holdings of the National Archives, such as the U.S. Constitution, the canceled check for the purchase of Alaska, and Thomas Edison’s patent drawing for the light bulb.

DocsTeach App Homescreen

Or you can assemble the activities you’ve found or created on using your own account, and share these with your students. Gather your activities into a classroom, then share the classroom’s auto generated code with students. They can enter this classroom code in the DocsTeach App on their iPads and complete your activities.

To see how “Classroom Codes” work, try the American Revolution classroom I created. After downloading the app to your iPad, enter code fnv926!

Ben Franklin Classroom Activities

 This post was adapted from “The New DocsTeach App for iPad!,” posted on the NARAtions blog on April 11, 2012.

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